The VintageBeef Fan Server is a server paid for by VintageBeef, using his donations, to be his fan server. Beef comes on once a month, and does activities with his fans. It is a white listed server, and the only way to get on is to ask VintageBeef via Youtube,Twitter or Facebook. The VintageBeef Fan Server is similar to the MindCrack Server, though it consists of fans rather that popular Youtubers. SBK_x_Siilence, creator of the "Ultra Hardcore" mod, is a member of the sever. If you wish to join the Fan Server, subscribe to the YouTube channels below, so you can hear about updates within the fan server. Mikevito2 will usually make updates regarding to joining the fan server.

Dear people of the Internet,

I hope that each and every one of you realises that VintageBeef does check these comments for requests. Beef has said numerous times throughout his videos that he does accept random people from the internet. He isn't selective in his choice of players to whitelist. Honestly, I, personally, do know that he is still adding players, as I am a part of it. So, please, ask to be a part of the server.

Thank You. P.S. The VintageBeef Fan Server is currently looking for redstone experts.

P.P.S. A secret video from Vintagebeef was found as a scavenger hunt to gain access to the Fan Server.

Solve the puzzle here: Please note: A malfunction with the recording software has caused the audio to glitch so please wear headphones and increase the volume to hear. Thank you all and good luck!

The Youtube Channels of the VintageBeef Fan ServerEdit

VintageBeef's Channel

SBX_x_Silence's Channel